Tips For Choosing Your Child’s First Hairdresser

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Tips For Choosing Your Child’s First Hairdresser

Choosing a hairdresser for your child’s first haircut can be difficult. Children do not always understand what a haircut is when they are young and this can make the process somewhat challenging. Here are some tips to help the entire process be successful.

Tips for choosing a Barber

1. Look for someone who has experience working with children. Make sure that you know that they are able to professionally work with a child who has not had their hair cut before.

2. Make sure that you schedule an appointment and are on-time for the appointment. You don’t want your child to arrive and have to wait for a long extended period of time, especially when they are young. This will help minimise the potential upset to your child.

4. Try to schedule an appointment for an early in the morning time.

3. If your child has any sensory processing disorders, talk to the barber or hairdresser before the appointment to see what they recommend. Alternatively, look into getting a professional who specialises in working with children who have processing disorders.

Tips for the Day of The Appointment

1. Bring along a small toy that the child can play with while waiting. Make sure it is not a toy that will bring a disturbance to others.

2. Wash your child’s hair so that way you do not have to have extra time at the salon. Alternatively, you could also have the hair washed at the salon. This would allow your child to get more used to the process.

3. If possible, feed your child a small meal before going to the hairdresser so your child is not hungry. This will reduce the stress on your child.

3. Know what you want your child’s haircut to look like. If possible, bring a picture so you do not have to spend a lot of time explaining what you’d like.


There are many different ways to make your child’s first haircut a great time. Do not wait, book your child’s first haircut with a reputable professional today. You’ll be glad that you did, and you’ll be glad that it’s off your to do list.