Original Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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Original Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

There are plenty of conventional ways to dress a Christmas tree, and then there are more creative Christmas tree decoration ideas. A little originality can save money and also create a distinctive environment that will thrill the family and exhilarate visitors. Your living room will escape the conventional and seem like a place of creative art.

Some of the cheapest decorations can be made of coloured paper and cardboard. Children love to draw pictures. Crayon pictures can be cut, preserved in laminate or between two wide pieces of tape, and can be put on the Christmas tree. The shape itself might lend itself to hanging, such as a bent arm, or a needle and thread can be run through the head of the character and hung this way.

Colored paper can be cut into shapes and hung. It is actually an old tradition to cut colored paper into a swirl that can expand like a spring and hung. It is quick, inexpensive, and involves the whole family. Circle shapes can also slide onto branches.

Many people hang candy canes onto Christmas trees, and there is nothing wrong with continuing this tradition. Children might get into the habit of occasionally pulling candy canes off the tree and eating them, but this is inevitable. It could actually be used as a lesson to teach children patience, and then they get to eat the canes as Christmas approaches and passes.

Other edible decorations include small fruit and hard berries that are strung through with a thread and needle. This is actually another old tradition. People once did not have access to manufactured products when they lived in the country and instead used natural products. Cranberries and other fruit can be strung like a long necklace and used in the place of Christmas lights.

People did not always have electricity and instead tied candles to the branches. Otherwise, the candles were put on special holders that clipped to the branches. This is somewhat dangerous since the candles burn, but it is a rustic and very old tradition. Small lanterns are a similar idea but contain the fire in a protective case.

Feathers are another natural material that can make a Christmas decoration. People used to keep ducks and chickens, and feathers were once a common material to have around the house. They can be tied onto the tree as a bundle or else turned into a dream catcher and hung in this fashion. There are many possibilities, and a little originality makes the season brighter.