Great Gift Ideas For Baby’s 1st Birthday

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There are few occasions as special as a baby’s first birthday. In fact, the only thing as memorable are those special baby gifts to mark the occasion. Sometimes, when an event as important as Baby’s first birthday is approaching, people struggle to come up with ideas worthy of the occasion. From adorable stuffed animals to memory books, savings grants, and the perfect baby gift hamper, it can be easier than you think to come up with the perfect gift idea for Baby’s 1st birthday.

Stuffed Animals: Classic Baby Gifts

A soft plush stuffy is a great way to acknowledge a special baby’s first birthday. Especially ones with the year or the number 1 embroidered on them are great keepsakes that can be kept for a lifetime. Make sure that any stuffed animal you select is baby/toddler proof with no removable parts like button eyes that can be choked on or pulled off.

Memory Books

Memory books are a great gift to acknowledge that special day. They also can be kept for a lifetime and provide an ideal and worthy place to document the baby’s benchmark moments. From a place to attach that first lock of hair to those first pictures and precious hospital bracelet, memory books make ideal gifts to celebrate a first birthday.

Savings Grants

For a non-traditional gift with a practical edge, many people choose to set up a savings grant for a special baby’s first birthday. This is an especially popular option for grandparents who would rather spend their money on investing in the baby’s future, rather than toys and presents that are soon forgotten about or moved on from.

Savings grants can help with the later costs of education, getting a first car, making a first down payment on a home, or even getting married. Savings grants make a great, practical, and unique gift idea for a first birthday.

Baby Hampers

Baby hampers are as festive as they are fun to create. Of course, you can always buy beautiful pre-made baby hampers from Milly & Henry, but it can also be fun to customise one to suit the baby and their parents. Pretty much anything can go into a baby hamper; the options are limited only by your imagination, or maybe your budget.

Some of the best hamper ideas involve themes. A diaper theme is a good one: diapers, diaper creams, diaper pins, and adorable swaddling cloths are as practical as they are appreciated by the parents. You can never have too many diapers, and they are great items to fill up a hamper of any size.

Another great theme is bath time. Bath time with a baby is a special time that can help create treasured bedtime and bonding routines. From a bath seat to bath toys and hooded bath towels, bath time is a fun and special time that makes a great baby hamper idea.

Baby clothes are one of the most enjoyable hamper themes. Choosing adorable outfits for a variety of upcoming ages and picturing the baby growing up and adorning them is as enjoyable for the gift giver as it is for the parents and the baby to wear.

When it comes to Baby’s first birthday, coming up with ideas worthy of the occasion is as enjoyable as it is special. From treasured stuffy animals that can be kept for a lifetime to memory books and savings grants to help with future milestones and baby hampers, getting some good ideas is the secret to successful gift giving. Baby hampers are great for those who are creative and enjoy making their own gift baskets to fill with customised goodies to celebrate that most special of occasions.