• 31Mar

    #Facebook #Twitter #Instagram #SocialMediaFast #TapUnicefProject see y'all in Easter! Have A Blessed Lent! http://tap.unicefusa.org/mobile

    Starting last night, I decided to go on a full Social Media Fast.
    Instagram, Twitter and of course, Facebook!

    At first I thought, we only had 2 more weeks left before Easter Sunday but according to Google, it’s exactly 21 days before Easter Sunday. The magic number, 21 days!

    21 Days = new habits!

    There have been too many distractions lately, hence the 1st quarter of my 2014 has been quite disappointing, personal-projects/goals-wise. I’m a very goal-oriented person and if I do not quite meet my goals, I feel a huge disappointment towards myself that I needed to step back, re-asses my life and how I spend my time.

    I’ve been waiting for the perfect sign if giving up social media is all worth it.

    You see, I needed Instagram to document photos that would eventually be blogged, I needed Twitter for my news updates and what-nots, and of course, Facebook is for err hmmm ahmm, keeping in touch with family/friends who are not on Instagram. Until yesterday, right after our Sunday mass, I saw right in my face, a huge sign which I would no longer divulge.


    This would be the longest time I would not log in on any of my social media accounts and it could be quite really challenging for me, especially since I love to interact with my friends and share online.

    A fast is not a fast if you do not offer it for a Higher purpose. I started my 21-day Fast devotional at YouVersion app to guide me with my everyday fast struggles. I prayed so hard for the Holy Spirit to enlighten me during the last 3 weeks of Lent. If you have experienced fasting spiritually, you would know that it is usually centered on the Daniel 10 verses. Oh, how refreshing it is to read this:

    Guess what?
    In less than 12 hours of this Social Media Fast, I have already ticked off so many things in my procrastinator’s list of to dos! I even have time to blog, whoa!

    This entry does not in any way encourage you to join me in this Social Media Fast. However, you might want to spend a few hours away from your phone for a good cause. Check out this Unicef Tap Project Challenge, it’s totally worthy of your time away from your phone ;-) .

  • 09Apr

    I seriously do not know how I feel about THIS, maybe indifferent? Or more of like a sign for me to take things slow, Instagram-wise so I could keep my photos more uncluttered, read: Flickr-centered. (speaking of clutter, I suddenly remembered my unfinished scrapbooking projects, I can only finish them until I buy myself this Martor USA box cutter).

    You see, I have been really addicted to Instagram for almost a couple of years now and it helped me document every single bit of life easier and with more drama (photos are easily post-processed). But for the past few weeks, I have discovered more post-processing iPhone apps that are way better than what Instagram (IG) had to offer. I just had kept my IG account because of the friends I have there plus it the easier way to keep my photos in Flickr as well. Then, there are a lot of IG Friends requests that I have not chosen to accept nor decline because what I share in there are just too private for my acquaintances. You get my point? Instagram used to be my little online hideout until they had to open it for Android users and now this! Facebook marrying IG, nay! I know the veteran IG users are also against this, in fact, there is a hashtag going on where in you post a black photo (black screen) and put a hashtag of #instablack, hence this entry. As if this would stop FB’s CEO M.Z. from buying IG. So I’ll just take this as a sign that my exposure in IG and time spent there will be lesser and lesser these days.