• 29Feb

    I would not miss writing an entry as this leap day comes in every 4 years only. It’s a humpday and I am working from home. I also took out my bandage for my carpal tunnel but still taking things slowly.
    Outside my window…it is gloomy and raining. Just grateful that we do not have any tornado warning. Praying for all those affected in the midwest.
    I am thinking…what to do on Saturday.
    I am thankful for…my husband. I’m simply blessed because I have him in my life.
    From the kitchen…there’s a huge mess in the sink waiting to be cleared up.
    I am wearing…my mom’s dress.
    I am creating…beauty blog entries which I absolutely enjoy.
    I am going…to stand up and prepare to pick up MLS in a short while.
    I am reading…The Happiness Project!
    I am hoping…to be able to control my food cravings.
    I am hearing…updates from CNN on the tornado that hit midwest.
    Around the house…there are a lot of laundered clothes waiting to be folded and organized.
    One of my favorite things…my notebooks.
    A few plans for the rest of the week…apply nailpolish, clear up work backlog, finish filing, upload photos in FB and complete February-photo-a-day project.
    A picture I love:
    Just goes to show how thoughtful, helpful and selfless TGL is. He always does this. Whenever he sees a couple tourist, he would approach them and offer to take their pictures together.

    In lieu of this leap day, I am grabbing this meme (leap day capsule ideas) from Paula Gilarde’s blog:
    What I ate for lunch today: bacon, egg, rice (yes, I broke my lenten fast)
    Something I just learned: that my life is actually complete, i need to be more grateful each and every single day.
    My favorite song this year: moves like a jagger, defying gravity, pumped up kicks
    The last book I read: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom
    What I’m wearing right now: my mom’s dress
    The last restaurant I ate at was: Bonefish Grill
    My favorite tv show: still, Gossip Girl + Pretty Little Liars
    I’m working on: this blog.
    My most used expression or word: ‘My God!’
    I can’t (or don’t want to) live without: my family.

    and looking back 4 years ago. (idea grabbed from my good friend, Irma)
    -Oh wow! it’s so good to reminisce. As I look back 4 years ago, it was the year we moved to our very 1st apartment here, celebrated holidays on our own with special mention on our 1st ever fresh Pine tree!
    -I was busy with Grad School, juggling school deadlines, housechores, wifey/mommy duties and blogging.
    -It was also the year I got active in Facebook.
    -Our very first trip to D.C. not for pleasure but because I needed to take the TOEFL exam as required for my grad school.
    -I turned 30 and still felt very 25 hahaha!
    -MLS was still enrolled at My Gym, and now he’s moving up to 2nd grade in a few months!
    -My first-ever snow experience!

    “I am not where I want to be yet, but boy oh boy, we’ve come so far to get to where we are right now. High five, TGL, we did an awesome job!”

    How was life for you since the last leap day?
    Better. More Stable. More Matured and ready for more life’s challenges.

    What special thing are you going to do today?
    Nothing really. Hmmm, maybe writing this entry is the special thing that I did today.
    Have a good leap day everyone! I am so thankful I’ve come to this day strong, happy, and yes, very beautiful (oh and heavier too yay!->I think I should start reading these phenteripped reviews and consider taking diet pills? NOT!) :P .

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