• 31Mar

    #Facebook #Twitter #Instagram #SocialMediaFast #TapUnicefProject see y'all in Easter! Have A Blessed Lent! http://tap.unicefusa.org/mobile

    Starting last night, I decided to go on a full Social Media Fast.
    Instagram, Twitter and of course, Facebook!

    At first I thought, we only had 2 more weeks left before Easter Sunday but according to Google, it’s exactly 21 days before Easter Sunday. The magic number, 21 days!

    21 Days = new habits!

    There have been too many distractions lately, hence the 1st quarter of my 2014 has been quite disappointing, personal-projects/goals-wise. I’m a very goal-oriented person and if I do not quite meet my goals, I feel a huge disappointment towards myself that I needed to step back, re-asses my life and how I spend my time.

    I’ve been waiting for the perfect sign if giving up social media is all worth it.

    You see, I needed Instagram to document photos that would eventually be blogged, I needed Twitter for my news updates and what-nots, and of course, Facebook is for err hmmm ahmm, keeping in touch with family/friends who are not on Instagram. Until yesterday, right after our Sunday mass, I saw right in my face, a huge sign which I would no longer divulge.


    This would be the longest time I would not log in on any of my social media accounts and it could be quite really challenging for me, especially since I love to interact with my friends and share online.

    A fast is not a fast if you do not offer it for a Higher purpose. I started my 21-day Fast devotional at YouVersion app to guide me with my everyday fast struggles. I prayed so hard for the Holy Spirit to enlighten me during the last 3 weeks of Lent. If you have experienced fasting spiritually, you would know that it is usually centered on the Daniel 10 verses. Oh, how refreshing it is to read this:

    Guess what?
    In less than 12 hours of this Social Media Fast, I have already ticked off so many things in my procrastinator’s list of to dos! I even have time to blog, whoa!

    This entry does not in any way encourage you to join me in this Social Media Fast. However, you might want to spend a few hours away from your phone for a good cause. Check out this Unicef Tap Project Challenge, it’s totally worthy of your time away from your phone ;-) .

  • 02Jun

    “Take a moment to realize you have never seen your face in person, just reflections and pictures.

    Some scientists agree that if you saw a clone of yourself, you wouldn’t recognize it as you, because our idea of what we look like is so different from what we actually look like.”

  • 22Mar

    Sharing with all of you my Digital Dreamboards.
    I hope I inspire you with my positivity! Cheers!

    Happy Friday!

    Let’s all do the Happy Dance, okay, those who like the Harlem Shake, do as you please hee hee! (AND…one piece of advice, if you’re stressed, find custom stress balls and squeeze out those stressors away!)

    “Nothing is lost if one has the courage to proclaim that all is lost and we must begin anew.” –Julio Cortázar

  • 02Jan

    photo (6)
    Hello 2013!

    As early as December 29, I was so excited (and almost ready) to write new pages in my life ‘storybook’ for 2013 but the Holidays wanted me to just savor this melancholic last few weeks with my folks. So I decided to veer away from my blogs and just have fun. My folks are leaving on the 19th and I could not even imagine life without them. It seems like I am back to zero, dealing with homesickness-blues-wise. It was a sweet 5-month-vacay that is worth treasuring but we have to move on with our lives. With that being said, I have to make sure I take advantage of this blogging mojo before it slips away, hence, my first entry for 2013. What a mouthful of introduction for y’all hee hee :-P .

    This year, I decided to participate in this group, MyOneWord.org yearly project. Just by picking ONE WORD that would inspire me for the rest of the year. I guess this is more doable than trying very hard to complete the Project 365.

    For this year, my word of inspiration is FAITH. I know that the past 5 years was all about growing up with the Lord but there are still days I lose sight of how Big my God is. So this year, I am committing myself to not worry and just have FAITH. When days seem blurry and uncertainties keep knocking my door, I’ll just keep looking back to my ONE WORD for 2013 and that is FAITH. What’s yours?

    Faith is exactly what it takes to get through uncertainty.

    Faith is not necessary when you know how things are going to work out, – that’s knowledge. It’s in the time of unknowing that having faith is what sees you through to the other side. Faith is what gives you strength. Faith is that light in your heart that keeps on shining even when it’s all darkness outside. Now is the time to keep that faith alive!

  • 09Jan

    I assume the rest of my night will be long as TGL asked me to research on life insurance rates. I won’t blame him for bugging me at this time of the night as this has been in my procrastinator’s to do list for the longest time. At least before Chinese New Year, I would be able to clear out that list, including my Blogging to do list last year this month.

    So how was 2011 for me, for us? and for you? If you have been an ardent reader of this blog, you would know that I was not as enthusiastic last year as I were in the previous years.  It was not one of our best years. But guess what? As I was writing this entry (which took almost 3 weeks in the making), I realized I was too focused on the not-so-pleasant things err Divine delays, which covered up the amazing amount of blessings we received last year.

    Indeed, 2011 was one of those years we received surmountable blessings we could never imagined  receiving in just a span of 1 year.

    ***Thanks to MOMENTO App in my iPhone which helped me consolidate all the info in my FB, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. It was easier to look back at the year that was.



    • Welcomed 2011 with simple meals, all made by ME with my boys. All of us wearing blue as blue was the lucky color of the year.
    • Discovered Instagram and fell in love with it. Life has been better.
    • Woke up early on January 1, wrote my goals and hoped for a blessed 2011.
    • MLS’ attended A’s birthday party at the Bounce House and E’s bowling party at AMF.
    • Friendships amongst the neighbors/co-parents grew stronger.
    • We started to purchase/invest on furniture that we could bring on our dream home.
    • It was a cold Winter. MLS got sick.
    • I fell in love with TGL’s steak and other home-cooked meals (with much emphasis on his plating expertise!).
    • TGL and I started our sushi dates, World Market/Fresh Farm lunchdates.
    • Surprise loots from Canadian friends arrived (Hello President’s choice chocolate chip cookies —the best!)
    • Spent weekends doing crafts with MLS, cut his hair, enjoyed kindergarten letters assignments.
    • TGL was busy changing the layout of our living room
    • Started going to the Gym on the 31st.
    • Purse purchase of the month: Gucci Joy Boston.



    • TGL turned 34. MLS and I surprised him on the morning of his birthday.
    • MLS’ first field trip: Post office & Pizza parlor.
    • MLS’ reached 100th day of Kindergarten. They also had their Valentines day Celebration.
    • 1st Beach Visit of 2011.
    • So far, I have been consistent going to the gym.
    • Year of the Rabbit sets in,  MLS’ classmate gave us ampao. Amulets came in late.
    • MLS fell in love with arts and drawing.
    • I got sick.
    • I have been consistent in going to the gym.
    • TGL & I received a surprise mailed letter from MLS.
    • Discovered veggie chips and ate plenty of tikoys.
    • Registered MLS to Spring Soccer season game.
    • Discovered Eve Pearl concealer and rewarded myself with Urban Decay’s NAKED palette.
    • Purse Purchase: Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier Azur.


    It's sooo nice outside!

    • Spring has Sprung! Rainy, Hot and Humid.
    • Oprah countdown, recorded all of her last episodes.
    • Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! MLS wore a Cat in the Hat -hat! They also had a mardi-gras themed school fair.
    • Spring Soccer Season started.
    • Utilized the apartment playground for MLS’ soccer practices.
    • I got food poisoned err hello too much eating!
    • Resto discovery: Smokin’ Joes. Pulled everything was yum-o!
    • Changed curtains for a more Springy vibe at home. Spring Cleaning commenced.
    • Gave up rice for Lent.
    • MLS got his own very 1st piggy bank for some ‘serious’ (reward system) saving.
    • MLS’ playdates with A were more often.
    • MLS wore shorts to school almost every single day.
    • Ran the lakeside almost everyday but saw snakes in there so we stopped going there.
    • 16 years of togetherness.
    • Make Up Indulgence: MAC Wonderwoman Collection and Benefit Benetint + Coralista.
    • Purse Purchase: Longchamp ltd Ed Abre De Vie in White.
    • MLS finally got his PSP go.



    • MLS started to practice biking without training wheels. He biked, we ran in the park, in the village, in the beach etc…
    • Bought books for MLS at the bookfair.
    • More of MAC Wonderwoman ltd ed craze :P .
    • After a long time, we went to Chuck E’ Cheese’s.
    • Finished my Spring Cleaning particularly focusing on MLS’ toys.
    • Lake side strolling where we witnessed geese hatching eggs and watching them grow. Which is of course right in time for MLS’ Easter egg hunt weekend hee hee.
    • Received goodies from Beijing and Manila.
    • Spent Easter Sunday at the beach and got sunburned!
    • Royal Wedding madness.


    2 (6)

    • MLS turned 6! Celebrated his birthday at school and went out to Five Guys on the weekend.
    • Focused on MLS’ Math and Reading skills.
    • MLS Fieldtrip to the beach/YT.
    • MLS’ Spring soccer season is over.
    • Countless beach trips, more of running in the beach.
    • Discovered 100 cameras in 1 app.
    • MLS discovered lunchables, I discovered Magnums ice cream!
    • I had a wonderful and memorable Mother’s day tea party at MLS’ school.
    • Got surprised by my boys on the night of Mother’s day.
    • We joined the community’s Children’s festival.
    • My laptop died on me. Gave up the idea that I could still resurrect it so I had to transfer all my files to EHD and started to use the purple netbook.
    • Spring Allergies attack. All 3 of us.
    • More grilling on weekends.
    • TRAVELLED to D.C. on the Memorial Weekend to meet up with A’s family and G.
    • TGL Surprised me with a Marc Jacobs sunnies, right in time for the sunshiney season.



    • Remaining days of MLS’ Kindergarten.
    • Took photos of so many beautiful flowers while running/jogging/beaching and post-processed them through 100 Cameras in 1 App.
    • Date nights with TGL at home. Hello Stella Artois beer!
    • MLS’ field day at school.
    • MLS’ recognition/awards day.
    • iBook e-books overload.
    • AWESOME long weekend spent at BOSTON. Food trip, reunion with friends back home, met online friends. Definitely a memorable trip, remarkable food, good company, beautiful city!
    • Purse Purchase: Leportsac Travel bag/Make-up kit.

    WORK-WISE: half of the year was fulfilling. nothing notable. was able to manage family life-work balance.

  • 05Jan

    Hello 2012, I’m still here! :P
    I know it’s been awhile. The Holiday rush has robbed my blogging mojo away for more than 3 weeks now. I have so many ideas to blog about but I just could not find the mojo (and time!) to write them down. But I will soon, like now. Let’s begin by changing the look of this blog, do you like it? I guess I am sticking with this template for at least 1 year. According to Feng Shui, Mandarine Tango/Orangey is one of the lucky colors of the Water Dragon year, I’m feeling lucky!

    Also, I plan to leave behind all of the items in my Blogging to do list. I’m starting a new, the list just overwhelms me each time I look at the missed events and personal milestones I should have blogged about. So, I am starting anew, today, right now!

    I came back to work this week and will catch up with it in a moment as we are preparing for our annual trade show booths then maybe, later, I will blog some more. In the meantime, here’s sharing 2 of my Mantras this year: AVOID ANXIETIES (career-financial-wise) & PEACE OF MIND (don’t sweat the small stuff/weed out negative vibes, people and thoughts).